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We’re a web & digital marketing agency in Belfast who work with our clients to provide profitable digital solutions.

Who are Glaze Digital?

Belfast based web & digital marketing agency that helps businesses connect their web & digital marketing strategies

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Glaze Digital was founded in 2014 by Richard Megaw and Mark Kelso with the aim of helping businesses in Belfast connect their web and digital marketing strategies. Richard and Mark were school friends, but it was a chance meeting where they discovered they felt the same way about the digital industry in that many businesses were struggling to manage both their website and digital marketing so they decided that Mark would bring his web design experience and Richard would bring his digital marketing knowledge to create Glaze Digital. Since 2014 the company has grown steadily as Glaze to help clients from Belfast to the Middle East.

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  • Case Study


    We worked with 官方指定爱游戏中国入口网页版登录(2023全新爆料) to grow the revenue of their website and we achieved a 194% increase in online revenue over a 12 month period.

  • Case Study

    The Walk in Wardrobe

    We’ve worked closely with Walk in Wardrobe from launching their online store through their online growth which has seen over 63,000 online orders during this time.

  • Case Study


    We worked with Franklins to create and implement a digital marketing strategy that resulted in enormous growth of their online store over a 12 month period.

  • Case Study

    别错过爱游戏全站app在线平台(独一无二 2023全新爆料)

    We worked closely with 别错过爱游戏全站app在线平台(独一无二 2023全新爆料) to develop a new website that has seen visits increase 84% & revenue increase 276%

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