The Organic Search Landscape for Job Hunters & Recruiters in Belfast & Northern Ireland

Executive Summary

Glaze Digital have examined Google’s search results to reveal an exclusive snapshot of the search landscape for Recruiters in Northern Ireland.

This report analyses which Recruiting websites were most visible in the Google UK Natural Search listings when consumers searched for the most popular related terms.

In our analysis, we examined a portfolio of over 1,600 keywords suggested by Google and established that:

  • There are over 4.5 million job / recruitment related searches conducted in Northern Ireland a year.
    • 33% of those contain either “ni” or “northern Ireland”
    • 15% contain “belfast”
    • 94% of keywords contain “job” whereas only 4% contain “Recruit”

The 10 keywords below represent approximately 37% of the total keywords that contain “NI” or Northern Ireland”.

10 Most Searched for Keywords Containing  “Belfast”

We have analysed the search results for 10 of most searched for generic, non-brand, non-job type keywords containing “Belfast”.

  • There are over 680k job-related Google searches containing “Belfast” a year.

The 10 keywords below represent approximately 49% of the total keywords that contain “Belfast”.

Main Recruiters in Northern Ireland

Having established the most searched for generic terms, and gathered website ranking information, we applied estimated click-through rates to predict the traffic each ranking website will likely receive for selected keywords.
The most prominent websites to appear for job / recruitment terms in Belfast and across Northern Ireland are:

Traffic Based on Belfast Keywords

Traffic Based on Northern Ireland Keywords

Main Recruiters in Northern Ireland

Having examined which websites appear prominently for the most searched for terms, we isolated which of websites belonged to recruitment agencies.
Below are the top 10 performing agencies based on estimated website traffic:

Traffic Divide by Percentage

After establishing which recruitment agencies get the most non-brand traffic, we also researched which get the most brand searches in Northern Ireland, as below:

Our Thoughts

Like most industries, the search landscape for jobs and recruiters has it’s own unique qualities and nuances. Understanding user intent is the key to maximising returns from search.
Whilst “job” terms account for a huge majority of search volumes, the market is dominated by generic job sites. However, there is clearly a strong market for independent recruiters as indicated by large brand search volumes.  
Recruiters should optimise for quality visitors, rather than striving for large untargeted numbers. Optimising towards your strengths will likely have a positive impact. I.e. creating strong pages that focus on locality and/or job type. Meanwhile, continuing to make strong use of job sites, which will always drive high volumes of enquiries and leads.About this report

How the data was compiled

Research has been conducted on the most frequently searched for generic, non-brand keywords. Search volumes provided by AdWords where we applied a Northern Ireland location filter where relevant.
Glaze recorded which websites appeared in, and in what position, for our chosen keywords. We only looked at organic results – and did not account for local results (Google Map listings).
Then we applied an estimated, industry-specific click-through rate to generate traffic predicted traffic figures. The click-through rate curve was taken from AWR, Advanced Web Ranking Cloud.


There are other ways and other tools which offer similar data. Each method and each platform will produce varied results. The numbers supplied are estimates based on publicly available data. Actual numbers will vary. Google positions will vary over time and may differ depending on users exact location.

Glaze Digital & SEO Services

Glaze Digital is a digital agency based in Belfast who provide SEO Services to help business improve their Organic Search visibility. Glaze Digital has created a series of reports to help digital marketers better understand the NI search landscape. If you would like further information about the report or would like a report for your industry you can contact Glaze to arrange a consultation.

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Glaze Digital is not affiliated with any of the sites mentioned. This data is not a representation of any of groups actual market share. It is based only on a sample of keyword ranking data. 
The information contained in this report is for information purposes only. It should not be used for commercial decision-making, nor should it be used to enter into any business transaction. Whilst Glaze Digital have endeavoured to create an accurate report, Glaze Digital cannot accept liability for any mistake or inaccuracy it may contain and no warranty is offered covering its completeness or its suitability for any purpose.
The content of the report is the copyright of Glaze Digital. The reader is permitted to share the report within its own organisation. It is also permitted to extract elements of the report for public interest on the condition that Glaze Digital are credited by the publisher. However, permission is not granted to exploit, distribute, sell or otherwise make use of the report for commercial gain.


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